Why I choose to use Soy wax

When I decided to make candles I wanted to be mindful of the environment whilst also having a candle that was safer to burn around my children. Soy wax has a low burning temperature, which makes it safer around young children (and adults). This was tested when my 1 year old decided to climb up to the window sill I was burning a candle and pick it up. It was a case of wiping it up with soap and hot water, no damage done. Of course make sure your candles are kept out of children’s reach, even more so when you have a ‘climber’.

Most people will be surprised to know that the majority of candles available commerically are made with paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, made by removing the waxy substance from crude oil. It is widely believed to give off toxic fumes and soot when burning. Have you noticed the room you burn candles having blackened walls? There have also been studies that have found paraffin wax containing some carcinogenic compounds. Really?! Yes they are a source of known human carcinogens and indoor pollution as seen in this study. Paraffin must be blended with chemicals to be able to release fragrances whereas soy wax releases fragrances naturally. Even beeswax is not necessarily what it seems as it is often blended with paraffin wax, they only need to legally contain a certain percentage of natural beeswax to label them as such.

Soy wax is considered to be one of the safest and environmentally friendly options for use in candles. It burns for longer, up to 50% more than paraffin candles, with no soot and less carbon dioxide emissions. I choose to use EcoSoya wax which is the higher end range of soy waxes.

Why soy wax is the better choice

  • biodegradable and free from pesticides and herbicides
  • contains no genetically modified material
  • manufactured using pure soy beans and contain no petroleum (paraffin waxes)
  • manufactured according to sustainability and renewable resource management
  • cleans up with hot water and soap eliminating the need for harsh solvents

So how do they make wax from the soy bean plant?

The oil is separated from the soybean and then purified to give soybean oil which then goes through a process called hydrogenation and turns it into a solid. I receive it in the form of beautiful flakes as you can see in the photo above. EcoSoya wax is 100% vegetable and meets kosher certification standards.

Sandwick Bay candles do not have any colourants or dyes in their candles, so they are all white or creamy white. If they appear a different colour to another Sandwick Bay candle it is due to the natural raw ingredients of the fragrance.

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