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We love baking here at Sandwick Bay candles and these bottles of baking awesomeness were so popular at Christmas that we thought it would be great to bring them back during lock down and also support Greg and his small business. All you need to add is the wet ingredients and you have a cake or a tray bake or cookies. What’s better you can get the kids to make them for you. Or send them to the grandkids as a gift.

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Bottled Baking Co.

Marvellous Cookies & Crème Muffins
750ml glass bottle
595g contents
Makes approx. 8 large muffins or 16 cupcakes
Requires: 140g Softened Unsalted Butter, 2 Large Eggs, 200ml Milk, muffin cases
Allergen info: Contains Wheat, Milk, Soya (may contain traces of nuts)

Fabulous Unicorn Cake

750ml Glass Bottle
652g contents
Makes approx 16 slices
Requires: 60ml Milk, 150g Softened Butter, 3 large eggs & 50ml Vegetable Oil

Allergen Info: Contains Wheat, Milk, Soya, Almonds

Irresistible White Chocolate & Raspberry Tray Bake

750ml Glass Bottle
586g contents
Makes approx 16 slices
Requires: 60ml Milk, 150g Softened Unsalted Butter, 3 large eggs & 50ml Vegetable Oil

Vegan Chocolate & Walnut Brownies

750ml Glass Bottle

575g contents

Makes approx. 12 brownies

Requires: 200ml vegetable oil, 100ml water

Eggcellent Mini Egg Cookies

750ml Glass Bottle

565g contents

Makes approx. 22 cookies

Requires: 1 large egg, 170g melted butter, 50ml milk

Instructions are included on the bottle. Already got a mix and misplaced the instructions? Look no further than HERE
Note: Layers may settle in the post. As we strive to use quality ingredients and pack these in to the bottles so you get the best value, you may need to shake the bottles firmly to empty the contents out.

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Baking Bottles from Bottled Baking Company

Chocolate and Walnut VEGAN Brownies, Eggcellent Mini Egg Cookie Mix, Fabulous Unicorn Cake, Irresistible White Chocolate & Raspberry Tray Bake, Marvellous Cookies & Creme Muffins, Un-BEE-lievable Choco-Honey Cookies


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