Welcome to Sandwick Bay Candles’s Refill Station!

In partnership with industry experts, we’ve spent months in the background working on our new line of luxurious and sustainable household cleaning products. We are so excited to finally have our refill station up and running allowing you to refill with feel-good, minimal ingredient household essentials. We are proud to present washing-up liquid, surface spray and laundry liquid that are good for your home, pocket and most importantly – the planet.

As a small business, we’re all about the power of small changes. Sustainability has been at the heart of SBC since Megan’s days spent pouring candles in the kitchen, where she refilled products on a one-to-one basis for repeat customers. We continue to offer candle and diffuser refills and have refilled over 50 candles since opening our store in May.

We’ve always strived for minimal environmental impact in our production, from sourcing soy wax and cotton wicks to eco-friendly packaging system. Our refill station allows us to reuse rather than just recycle our bottles which minimises waste and ultimately reduces consumption and carbon impact. Read more on why you should reuse rather than recycle at Zero Waste Scotland here. (A huge thanks to ZWS for funding and support in this project!)




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We are currently piloting a postage refill scheme so that mainlanders don’t miss out on all the refilling fun – get in touch to find out more.

We’re also in the final stage of developing our pouches, streamlining the process even further.

If you want to get involved but you’re daunted by the sight of our drums, don’t be! Our friendly staff are on hand to show the ropes.

You can also watch the video below to see Megan demonstrating just how easy it is to refill your own container using our smart scale and pump system:


Written Instructions:

1. Bring in your container , take a measurement of the ‘tare’ (initial) weight and stick on the printed label.
2. Fill up your container with your chosen product and scent. (We charge by 80p per 100ml on the liquid and only 70p per 100ml on the washing-up liquid!)
3. Bring the container back to the scale, measure the final volume and stick on your new label which can be scanned on our till.

We hope you’ll agree that the station is an example of sustainable choices made simple.

The refill station has been a long burning project and a fantastic next step on our sustainability journey. We’ve been measuring each refill with chalk tallies on our drums, and the impact is already measurable. For every 20L container of household product we use in our closed loop system, we will save 40 plastic bottles!

As new products, we’re keen to hear your feedback on your experience of your refills and we’re happy chat to you on all things refillable if you have any questions to get started. Please comment, message us on social media or email theresa@sandwickbaycandles.com ! We’d love to hear from you.

And remember, you can bring in your own container too!