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So for those who know me know that I love to travel! I haven’t been able to do so much with three kids in tow but I have a world map on the wall behind the dining room table and it is the topic of conversation during most meals. Did you know that there are two flags in the world that are exactly the same – Chad and Romania!! My love of travel began when I went on a 12 month student exchange to Bolivia in South America. What an adventure I had and I guess that is where I also developed a passion for languages. I am now delighted that my children are in Gaelic Medium and find that they are also picking up a few words of Spanish.

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So when I noticed that my candles were starting to go on their own adventures I started encouraging people to post photos of where they had been. So far they have been to Fiji, the Cook Islands, New Zealand, New York, Canada, Croatia, Sweden and Sri Lanka amongst many other fabulous destinations. The small travel tins are the perfect size to fit in your hand luggage and take with you or for your guests as a perfect gift that is made locally.


One person who has taken Sandwick Bay candles on a trip around the world is Anne Mcclymont. This is a quote directly from Anne:

My first Sandwick Bay Candle was a gift from my daughter. After reading your blog on a travelling candle and the Honolulu challenge, I decided to take part in the challenge, as Honolulu was on our itinerary. There were originally more travelling candles which were left in various destinations as a small gift to our hosts. The last and original one arrived back in Germany a bit batterered, having almost fallen into the Singapore River at Clarkes Quay! We had many adventures and a wonderful trip and cannot choose a favourite place as each destination was individual, from scenery, walks, food and drink. I really need to replenish stocks on our Christmas trip to Stornoway. P.S. The candle will be with us for this trip ‘home’!!!”

Here are some photos to inspire, dream or just make you book that next trip with your #travellingcandle


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london  france


Which is your favourite?

Where are you going to take your travelling candle to next?

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