Getting Hygge with It



It’s Victoria here, from Victoria’s Cottage.  This week, I shared my review of Sandwick Bay Candles, and I think it’s fair to say that I’m evangelical about their charms.  So, I wanted to visit you here on the SBC blog to share my thoughts on using your favourite scents to get hygge with it.

Hygge is just about everywhere and I couldn’t be happier.  It was about 2007 when I first started to get hygge with it.  In those long-gone days of over straightened hair and ‘mocha’ coloured everything, it didn’t have a beautiful name.  I liked to call it, ‘distracting myself from the sub-zero temperatures, ever-lasting darkness and constant drizzle.’  Obviously, ‘hygge’ is far more poetic and inspiring, so we’ll stick with that, shall we? If you’re not quite sure what hygge actually is, let me help you out…

Hygge is a Danish concept that kind of translates into embracing the given qualities of seasonal daily life and celebrating them. It’s not just for those cold months either.  Those late Summer evening strolls are hygge, as is the collecting of conkers on October days.  Here in the UK, the phrase is mostly used during the Autumn and Winter, the seasons that so many of us wish away, in favour or long light and warm temperatures.  So, during the coming weeks, on the build up to the big ‘C’, you will not wish away the days, you will not moan about the cold and/or dark. You will embrace it all with a little help from Sandwick Bay Candles.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been enjoying four scents from the range, rather fortuitously, that process has been perfectly synced with the late Summer days blurring into ochre toned Autumn ones. I’ve embraced the art of hygge at every step of the way and I’d like to share my top five ways you can incorporate your Sandwick Bay candles into moments to get your hygge on…



  1. That Afternoon Sofa Slump

You know the one.  For you, it might be just after you get in with the kids from school.  It might be that half hour before you put the dinner on. That late afternoon hour of your body refusing to do what it’s told is the perfect opportunity to take 15 minutes for yourself.  Whilst I know, that those with mini people, may find this particularly challenging. The aim of hygge is to work with what you’re presented with, so get them involved. Block out a little space, pop the kettle on, indulge in a biscuit (or six) and light your favourite Sandwick Bay Candle, and just enjoy the slump. I guarantee that the cosy flickering glow, teamed with a mug of something hot, with a nibble thrown in, will have you feeling perked up and refuelled to tackle whatever lies ahead.  My favourite candle to burn during this spot of the day is Frangipani. I find it so comforting and uplifting. Just the right combination for this much maligned part of my day.

  1. Alfresco Style


Before you skip this one.  Hold up!  I know December is fast approaching.  I’ve not gone mad, I promise.  The Danish believe that there is no such thing as cold, just unsuitable clothing.  As a woman who flits about the coldest months in bare feet, ballet shoes and a raincoat, constantly updating those around me with my increasing levels of hypothermia, I’m inclined to agree.  During the Summer, one of my favourite rituals is to drink my first or last cup of tea of the day in the garden.  I’m determined that this will continue through the dry days of Autumn and Winter.  There is no better way to appreciate the seasons than to be outside.  You see wildlife, the way the foliage and plants change and I love it.  So, my plan is to make my patio completely hygge friendly.  The fire pit will stay outside, the chairs will be adorned with Danish style sheepskins and blankets and I will be dressed like an extra from the snow scenes of The Empire Strikes Back.  Once I’m surrounded by Sandwick Bay Candles (I’m thinking Oakmoss and Amber or Chai Latte) and armed with a hot drink.  I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.



  1. Whilst You Work


If you work in an office block, the ones with a sprinkler system.  You probably shouldn’t be lighting candles.  I’m very lucky to work freelance, from my own home, and lighting my Pink Champagne and Pomelo candle is an essential part of my working day.  Yet, work takes many forms and whether you’re preparing the evening meal, working your way through the ironing pile or sorting the household finances, lighting your favourite candle turns a slog into a joy, and I’m all for that.  Particularly, when the weather is dark and cold, surrounding yourself with a cosy glow is the only way to get through until Spring.


  1. Romantic Dining


Picture the table filled with comforting Autumn eats, your lover sat opposite, lit by candle light.  Then stop.  This is not what I mean when I talk about adding a little romantic hygge to your dining table.  It doesn’t matter what combination of people sit at your kitchen table.  Even if your table is a table for one, the idea is to create an atmosphere of cosy love, that embraces the flavours of Autumn.  A hot evening meal, is all the more delicious when the weather is bad and the nights are dark.  It really doesn’t matter what you eat, as long as the food is hot and comforting.  The idea is, that rather than eat on your lap, that you make an occasion of your eating.  Lay the table, put some music on, light candles and enjoy the experience, in whatever form that may take.


  1. Me Time

Yes, I know that for many women, the idea of stealing away some time just for you seems an impossible concept.  I don’t need to preach the importance of finding some time to indulge your interests.  I too feel the constant pressure to keep going, to work every minute, keep on top of housework and chores, care for my loved ones.  Yet, even if you can find ten minutes a day, to flick through your favourite mag, indulge in a craft, or whatever it is you enjoy.  The winter will feel shorter and you will be happier and more relaxed too.  I like to light Sandalwood and Vanilla on an evening with my favourite book. (I’ve got two books on the go.  Don’t do that, it’s confusing.) Just half an hour of book and candle time leaves me ready for sleep and makes those dark mornings a little easier too.

There are endless other moments that are perfect to embrace the hygge way and I can’t wait to squeeze them all in over the next few months.  The only tricky bit is matching my favourite scents to the moment.  Which ones would you go for?



Victoria. x