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Best Places to visit on the Isle of Lewis | Sandwick Bay Candles

Coming to Visit the Western Isles and are planning your itinerary? Local to Stornoway and looking for some fresh inspiration? The Sandwick Bay Candles Team will help you narrow down where to go with their top picks of Lewis locations to visit, often time and time again.

As much as we love working at Sandwick Bay Candles, we can all agree that one of the best things about the businesses is getting the chance to explore all that Lewis has to offer on our weekends. A few team members have shared their favourite spots on Lewis, our proud little patch of the Outer Hebrides, to hopefully inspire your travel with local recommendations.

Sandwick Bay Candles

Megan – Uig and The Water 

My favourite place on the Isle of Lewis is anywhere that is near, on or under the water. I love the colours of the water especially over in Uig on a sunny day. Just being around water makes me happy, calm and reduces my stress levels. Studies have shown that people who live near the coast are generally healthier and happier. (The Blue Gym initiative – The ‘Blue Gym’: What can blue space do for you and what can you do for blue space? )

Sandwick Bay Candles

Uig, Isle of Lewis

Whether it is on the kayak heading out to a private island, paddleboarding, swimming (check out Immerse Hebrides), pier jumping or just walking along the beach listening to the waves I just love it. I feel very lucky to live here and have so many beaches to choose from.

Sandwick Bay Candles
Sandwick Bay Candles

Kimberly – Ness Lighthouse and Garry Beach

I have two favourite spots…

Ness was the first place I explored when I moved to the island. I got off the bus and walked to the Lighthouse at the Butt of Lewis. It felt like the edge of the world, with the dramatic cliffs, crashing waves. Being a Saturday morning in mid-November, there was no-one else round apart from the birds. It was a bit of a battle with the wind, but it still felt magical.

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Butt of Ness

My new favourite is Garry Beach, it looks and feels like a beach in South East Asia (but a wee bit colder!) It’s just past Tolsta, but very few people go that far round, despite having a much better parking situation. There are little caves to explore during low tide, hidden beach to swim to. There is also the bridge to nowhere, with an incredible path above the beach and gorgeous views all around.

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Theresa – Bayble Beach & Pier 

I have had so much full exploring the island in the past year with lots of great hints from the team, but one place I keep coming back to (quite literally!) is Bayble Pier. I first went to scope out a good swimming spot. Heading the opposite way from town and down the single-road track, it feels like a hidden gem. There’s a great little shop – Old Shop Bayble – with independent goodies, coffee and a reworked clothing collection nearby. From the shop, you follow the road down to the pier and head down to the small patch of beach below.

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Across from the beach to Bayble Islands

I’ve seen many people dive off the pier, but I love swimming parallel to the sand and kicking my feet off the barnacle-ridden pier to mark a length like a great open swimming pool. There’s something about the (occasionally) turquoise water and the sight of Bayble island sticking out ahead that keeps me coming back. It’s not far from Stornoway, and also not an agonisingly long trip back to the car when you’re out the water and in need of warming up!

For those less inclined to water, you can walk along the top grass to another ‘hidden’ beach and right along the coast.

Sandwick Bay Candles
Sandwick Bay Candles

Donna – North Lochs 

As much as we love driving down to Harris and Luskentyre beach especially, my favourite place in Lewis has to be my Mother’s house in North Lochs and its view.

When it’s sunny, it’s lovely. On a clear day from the window, you can see the mainland hills across the water and the sea glistening and sparkling.

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Mairi on one of her many treks.

Mairi – Uig, on the track to Hamnaway.

This spot, this place where I’m standing… the view from there is so calming. It’s a place where you feel cocooned by the surrounding hills with spectacular colours all year round regardless of the weather. It’s a place to loose yourself in your thoughts and recharge.

(For those looking to follow Mairi’s footsteps, she has kindly provided the exact coordinates: 58.140295, -7.037917 … Happy treking!)

Aimee – Garry Beach & Barvas and Brue Machairs

My submissions for fave place on Lewis are Garry beach and Brue and Barvas Machair.

At Garry Beach, I love exploring the caves at low tide. No matter the weather, the view across to Traigh Mhor from the coastal path over the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ is breathtaking.

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Aimee (cont.)

Close to home, I love the Brue and Barvas Machair. In the golden evening light of summer, the machair is magical. The colours and scents of the wildflowers always stops me in my tracks and I have to take a moment to really take it all in.

Sandwick Bay Candles
Sandwick Bay Candles

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Thanks so much for the team for putting together some of their most loved places to explore on the Island.

Was your favourite place mentioned? Share with us your most recommended locations in the comments or tag us at @sandwickbaycandles.

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