Product Description

Join us for a 2 hour candle making workshop aimed specifically for children ages 8+ and limited to 8 people.

Taking place on Saturday 25th November at 2.30pm, the Sandwick Bay candle workshop will show you how to make your own scented soy candle using fantastic fragrances such as candy floss, bubble gum and chocolate brownie.

In this class Megan will demonstrate how to hand pour a candle then you will get to make your own. We’ll talk about candle safety, different types of wax that can be used as well as fragrance notes and essential oils all aimed at the age group of children attending.

You will choose from a selection of fragrance oils to create a bespoke scent for your candle.

While you wait for your candle to set your child will make a 3D foam gingerbread house from Baker Ross.

What you get:

  • complimentary hot chocolate
  • 2 x small tin candles featuring your bespoke scent
  • personalised label that you will create in the workshop for your candles
  • Mum/Dad/Aunty/Grandparent or the person who booked you on the workshop will get a discount of Sandwick Bay candle products when ordered at the workshop
  • foam gingerbread house to take home