So it is time to get this blog updated as I have lots of news to tell you in the upcoming weeks. This week I have seen some fantastic photos of Sandwick Bay candles in Brunei, Reykjavik and Auckland. For those who know me know that I have such a love of travel and I genuinely love seeing photos of where my candles have travelled to. I am thinking of getting a world map and pinning each destination that they visit. So far they have also been to New York, the Cook Islands and Sweden as well as plenty of places in Scotland. I have had someone challenge me to get a photo of one in Hawaii so if anyone is planning on going there then get in touch. My daughter has also requested a photo of one in the North Pole! The travel tins are perfect for travelling with and I have used them in hotel rooms just by leaving the lid off. Although as you can see the glass jars travel well also, especially poolside in Kuala Lumpur.



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